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We love to make a difference; having helped IT & Digital departments everywhere from start ups, dot coms, public & private sector, finance, travel, education and retail establishments rethink their methods of getting the work done. We now want to help you.

Our transformational approach comprises evaluation, intervention & optimisation techniques that have been tried and tested in many and varied environments. Visually engaging and highly collaborative, our management practices coach everyone, at all levels, to identify and eradicate wasteful activities that are inherent in all organisations, and to act cohesively and continuously to improve.

Once adopted, your new practices will help you define processes and procedures that will give structure and purpose to your portfolio of IT Services. You will understand your capabilities and how you can continually grow these to deliver increasing value to your customers and stakeholders. Your teams will be more engaged, collaborative and empowered creating a dynamic, supportive and creative culture able to meet any emerging demands.



We begin with a thorough assessment of your organisational capability through individual and wider teams and/or your Service Management processes. This defines the basis on which to begin engagement and improvement activities.

With the application of a range of visually compelling tools and devices we begin to change the way your team focus on the work, outcomes and continuous improvement.

Utilising valuable Service Reporting & Intelligence created in the previous stages we encourage an analytical approach to decision making, empowering your people to unearth the next set of problems to solve as they grow in confidence.

In addition to consultancy engagements, Hapus are available to fulfil Interim Senior Leadership roles for more sustained transformation programmes.

Matt continues to demonstrate why he's nothing short of a leading expert in bringing ITIL practices together with the modern management method Kanban to introduce a step change in any IT operations team he coaches. I highly recommend Matt to any organisation looking to improve the effectiveness of their IT operations teams through the use of ITIL and Kanban.

Ian Carroll
Agile Coach at HiveMind Network, Brickell Key Award Winner 2015


Matt Turner

Matt Turner

ITSM & Lean Kanban Consultant

Matt brings loads of experience and plenty of stories about IT Service Management and Kanban for IT Operations. He can transform your organisation, help with your decisions and inspire your people. When he's not helping someone as a consultant, he's often helping support more people at events and conferences, or blogging to share his knowledge and expertise.

Dinah Turner

Dinah Turner

Programme & Leadership Consultant

Dinah is a creative and approachable IT leader with diverse experiences to help shape your solutions. From strategy to programme delivery, she brings a people focused approach to engaging your teams to reach the results you need. She's a lifelong learner, and helps your organisation to learn it's way out of problems to a better future.


The expertise in ITSM, Kanban and Agile techniques brought by Hapus and Matt has accelerated the IT transformation here at the University of Manchester, but much more than this the effect on teams and staff has been incredible. Transparent, collaborative and empowering practices have created a greater sense of purpose and a richer more visual vocabulary with which to discuss direction, strategy and improvement opportunities. The tactile and people focussed approach has engendered fun and openness at times of high pressure. These methods really do support organic, evolutionary, long term cultural change and it's been great, from a personal perspective, to learn more about them.
Brendan Giles, Head of IT Service Support, University of Manchester
Matt is a talented manager and effective leader, and during our time together at The Hut Group, I was impressed by not only the quantifiable improvements he made to the IT Service team, but also by his ability to remain friendly, helpful and professional in high-pressured times
Sam Phillips, Head of Engineering, Shutl/Local Delivery at eBay inc.

Matt's influence on the NR Service and Technical Operations teams is apparent as I look around our Manchester office: our dashboards show business value metrics alongside the standard IT Service KPIs, every team has a Kanban board and posters demonstrating measurable service improvements in all facets of our operation.
Craig Boothe, Head of IT Service Operations, Network Rail
I worked with Matt on various process improvement initiatives. He has the ability to make the complex simple, to communicate change effectively, and to make change happen. He does this in an understated way that brings people together. As a people manager he has the knack of understanding talent and letting this shine.
Rick Clark, Programme Manager, Network Rail



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